A really pleasant atmospheric football ground that I am very sad to say is due to close at the end of the 2002-3 season. A large 25,000 all-seater stadium has been built on the outskirts of the town and although it will be completed by xmas 2002 a decision has been made that the club will not move into until the end of the season. Whether this has anything to do with their current league position ( in the bottom 6) or current crowds that barely average 3000, I do not know and would not presume to guess. The ground itself is a real football ground. A large main stand looks almost out of place with a small terrace behind one goal and a much larger stretch of open terracing behind the other. The terrace supports are all painted white making it an easy to identify ground in a quiz. Opposite the main stand is a curious stand that looks like a small barn with a rounded roof. In fact it rather usefully contains both seating and terracing for away fans. I got to see an evening game here and although the crowd was around 3500 the atmosphere was almost electric. I will be sad to see the demise of Feethams and suspect that in years to come it will prove a mistake to move away.

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