Bracken Moor

A delightful ground seemingly way out in the rural areas. The ground has been here since 1900.

As one enters the ground there is terracing behind one goal in two sections. The section behind the goal is covered and there is an uncovered section next to it. A small main stand has an interesting roof which reminds me of a French police helmet a bit like Clouseau! Next to the stand on one side is the aforementioned open terracing and on the other side is an area of grass banking that is not used for spectators.
Along the other side there is not much just a small fence separating from the field or cricket pitch next door. Also nothing behind the other goal. So a simple ground but a pleasant one.

In 2004-5 they play in the Northern Premier Unibond league in the same division as the newly formed AFC Telford or in my mind at the same level as Walton and Hersham!

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