Gander Green Lane 

An interesting ground that is displaying its new floodlights! A crowd here of around 800 gives a good atmosphere due partially to the simple fact that spectators will stand all around the ground. The ground has been here since 1912.The capacity is 7,000 although the record attendance vs Leeds Utd in an FA Cup game back in 1970 was 14,000. How one could park 14,000 cars in Sutton is an interesting question even these days! The club currently play in the Conference South and this would seem the correct level for them. They have reached the Conference many times before but never are able to sustain that level.
A decent sized main stand built in 1953 is on one side of the pitch with terracing on either side. The stand is not only a good size but gives good views with only the occasional pylon to cause concern. Behind the nearest goal as one enters the ground there is a small covered stand with a similar stand on the opposite side to the main stand built in 1986. Behind the other goal there is only single level terracing. The really nice thing about this ground is that one can walk all the way around without any problems. The food is also decent here and in my experience the quality of the food is inversely proportional to the league status of a club. I would never advise to eat at a league ground whereas non-league fare is often of high standards. The reasons? Mainly because the non-league clubs need the income from food and do not just expect to have it given to them. League clubs provide rubbish food and my club Brentford may be the worst.

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Season 2004/04
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