Plough Lane

The perfect example of what can happen to a club who leaves their home without a new ground on the horizon. The really stupid thing is that the ground is still there and unused. You get a weird feeling walking around a ground unused for 10 years. In some ways you see it for what it was, a non-league ground from the early 90's.In other ways you can see it as the home of Wimbledon FC. In terms of relative standards it really only just meets the criteria for a div3 ground and is very little better than Gravesend's ground from the Rymans League. But a home it was and in many ways still is. I am not sure though that I can forgive Allen Batsford and all the decent Walton and Hersham players (including Dave Bassett, their captain) for leaving and joining Wimbledon en-masse in the 1970's.Maybe it is Walton who should really be in the premiership and not Wimbledon. Enjoy these photos and always have sympathy for those clubs fans who do not want their club to move without a new ground being built.

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