This site aims to document using my own digital photographs all the football grounds in the UK and Scotland. I love football and I love football grounds but the grounds are changing. The changes began over 10 years ago in the top leagues and now are affecting the lower leagues. Clubs want to have grounds that can accommodate corporate facilities and for many that means that grounds will either be demolished or so changed as to become unrecognisable. Clubs have sometimes been forced financially to sell their ground in order to survive.

I began this project in 2000 with the purchase of my first digital camera and will continue each year to add new grounds and new photographs. Terracing may become all but obsolete during this decade. If you want to see how far grounds have changed in the last 10 years, do take a look at Wimbledonís old ground at Plough Lane which still lies unoccupied and unloved, and imagine if you can that the equivalent of premier league football was played there. Too often these changes are not for the better. Some of the new grounds, in my opinion, are sterile areas, often too similar to each other and some lack any atmosphere at all. The lovely thing about all the old grounds was that they were all so different. You could see 1 stand and know immediately whose ground it was.

There is no doubt football grounds have become more comfortable environments in which to watch football, safer environments and more expensive environments, but has this been and will this be in the future at the expense of the character and atmosphere that they contain.

I will try and document all that I see at a ground. Some grounds are easy to capture some not so. Changes can be captured and compared over the years. This is the start of an ongoing project that I hope will improve with each season that passes. No doubt some clubs will disappear, some too will emerge, but they will be captured.

You must forgive the extra attention given to the clubs that I support. Following Brentford all over the UK has given me both the idea and the inspiration to produce this site. Do enjoy the photographs and take time to imagine the atmospheres inside the grounds. The sadness of "dead" football grounds is something only a true fan will recognise and understand.

Finally as many non-league and foreign grounds will be added each season as possible. The only rule of the site is that all photographs must be taken by myself! The site will be updated monthly at a minimum, so do check it out regularly. If you think that your ground is going to change or vanish then let me know.